Andrea Parkins

— US / DE

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Born in Pittsburgh, United States (US)

Lives and works in Berlin

Andrea Parkins is a sound artist, composer, and interdisciplinary performer who engages with interactive electronics as both material and an improvisational process. Working with an array of sonic materials—amplified drawing tools and objects, electronic feedback, and acoustic and custom-built software instruments—her projects explore connections and slippages between the body, materiality, sound, site, and space.

Parkins’ work includes sound and intermedia installations; electroacoustic music performances and compositions; and scores for contemporary dance, experimental film, and intermedia performance. For MOMENTUM 12, she presents an installation focusing on the listening body’s location/dislocation within physical, acoustic, and social space. The project addresses fragile states of being and sounding: absence, presence, distance and dis-integration.

The Stray II

Project description: Andrea Parkins’ installation--combining multi-channel sound, drawing, and performance on film—addresses the performer’s moving body in relation to materiality, sound, site, space, and situation. For Momentum 12, she creates a wor ...