Daddy’s Dinners

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Daddy's Dinner was co-founded by the artists Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo, Jinbin Chen, and Bobby Yu Shuk Pui in Oslo in 2022. Despite their geopolitical differences (Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong), they share a common goal of exploring and exposing the power struggles and complex dynamics within a family, which they refer to as 'dinner-table politics'. They unite to reveal their shared experiences of patriarchal family roles and to address the impact of gendered and hierarchical family roles in Asian patriarchal cultures on identity formation and family values. Through their artistic practice, Daddy's Dinner seeks to establish an inclusive and diverse platform for broader participants and partners in Norway. They collaborate in solidarity to challenge the maintained structures, both domestically and internationally, and reflect upon the fragility of the subject. Today Daddy’s Dinner encompasses a YouTube channel 三菜一湯 3 Dishes 1Soup and a range of upcoming project plans including the exhibition at Tenthaus in 2024.

Daddy's Dinner

‘Daddy's Dinner’ is a collaborative project that examines the entanglements of family dynamics and patriarchal structures through the work of artists Bobby Yu Shuk Pui, Jinbin Chen, and Jacky Jaan- Yuan Kuo. The project comprises pilot research condu ...