De Utvalgte

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De Utvalgte is an autonomous theater company that has made its mark during the last twenty-five years by displaying a desire to seek new expression, but also new content in stage art.

Today the company consists of Kari Holtan, Boya Bøckman, Torbjørn Davidsen, Anne Holtan, Ida Holthe Lid, and Vibeke Lie, together with other artists as needed for the different projects.

De Utvalgte´s performances move in the borderland between theater, visual art and performance. They create a distinct and multifaceted expression through the assembly of self-made instruments such as video, text, sound and music.

The company mixes the comic and the tragic in bold ridicule of their own and others’ inadequacies.

In 2014 the company received the Norwegian Arts Councils base funding.


Homage AU PAIR

Homage AU PAIR is a video installation interacting with live performance and music. The performance installation premiere is at Galleri Hulias in Oslo 21.06.23 and will also be presented at Momentum on 04.07 and 05.07.2023.Contributors:De Utvalgte,Ma ...