Deise Faria Nunes and Iya Luz, aka Tereza Duarte

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Deise Faria Nunes

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Deise Faria Nunes is an artist-researcher with a specific interest in performance, rituals and audiovisual. She is a PhD fellow in the Theatre in Context program at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder, Norway. Nunes is also a certified documentary filmmaker from the Kino-Doc – Documentary Film Core, in Lisbon.

Based in the Nordic countries for over 20 years, Nunes has been working since 2004 as a performance artist, dramaturge, artistic producer and writer. Her collaborations include Odin Teatret (Denmark), Office for Contemporary Art-OCA, Oslo Biennale, Black Box Teater and Nordic Black Theatre. She is a contributor of the historical anthology New Daughters of Africa (2019), edited by Margaret Busby, and published in the UK, USA, South Africa and Germany. Nunes was the head of the National Theatre Committee at the Arts Council Norway in 2020-21 and a member of the Nordic Culture Fund’s performing arts committee in 2019-2020. Since 2017, she has been focusing on research, production and dissemination of Black women’s activities in the arts and culture.

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Iya Luz, aka Tereza Duarte

Tereza Duarte, a black woman born in Pelotas-RS (Brazil), is an artist researcher and educator. She is currently a professor of Visual Arts at the Federal Institute of Rio Grande Do Sul (IFSUL). A PhD fellow in anthropology at the Federal University of Pelotas, she is a member of the Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous Studies Core at IFSul.

She has a comprehensive experience in art, art-research and education. Her expertise includes drawing, descriptive geometry and design. She has also worked with projects within fashion design. Her research interests include anti-racist actions, anthropology, Black feminism and ethnic-racial studies. She is concerned with the various mechanisms of invisibility and silencing of black women as a social construction derived from the structural racism present in Brazilian society and its reflections in the academic context. Her latest work Airi: do tumbeiro a academia (2023) was selected for the audiovisual exhibition of the 16th International Congress of Anthropology of the ASAEE, the National Spanish Anthropology Association.




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