Enrique Guadarrama Solis

— MX / NO

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Artist from Mexico (MX)

Lives and works in Oslo

Enrique Guadarrama Solis’ practice explores colliding concepts such as tradition/technology, analogue/digital and magic/logic, oscillating between randomness and structure. Focusing on process and intuition, he challenges the boundaries of traditional printmaking through systems, objects, installation and performance.

His recent work is an experimental approach to print that places analogue-based or obsolete technologies in today’s context and examines the value of labour in relation to cultural production. His goal is to challenge the concept of the image in the present by using materials, tools and processes that configure analogue image-making and transform our engagement with the very structures that configure images and printed media.

Solis’ project at MOMENTUM 12 transforms the exhibition space into a printmaking workshop intended for collective use. During the exhibition, invited artists will work together to produce woodcuts and linocuts using The Machine, Solis’ handmade wooden press that generates large-scale colour prints. The workshop elements, research documentation and visual materials will gradually occupy the space. In addition, the artists will develop the first volume of the publication (an art magazine), “The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles”, working with the biennial’s focus on collaborative practices, sharing, and constructing collective knowledge and experience.

Dream Seance and Automatic Drawings

In this strange event we will gather together to decipher the subconscious messages from our dreams. We will use The Drawing Machine, an analogue mechanism that will syntonize the collective fluctuations of energy of the attendants. The Drawing Machi ...


Super Secret Underground Collective Mixtape-Making

DJ Dorky invites you to join her in a collective mixtape-making workshop. Together we will make a collective mixtape on cassette and we will make our own covers using collage and The Machine printing press. At the end of the workshop each participant ...


Vinyl Print T-Shirt Workshop!

The workshop is for youth between the ages of 12 and 16. We will be using heat transfer vinyl and the participants will draw their own design. The designs are printed out via a plotter and then weeded before the garment is handled in a heat press.Par ...


Still-Life with Red Rabbit

Artist Kari Kolltveit will guide a drawing session of a still-life with a rabbit. The rabbit may or may not be connected to a high-profile assassination that took place on the 21st of August, 1940, in Mexico City. ...


Inner Shadows

The workshop focuses on monotype printmaking and narrative. Using acrylic plates and ink, each participant will create a short narrative/story about their shadow. The results will be printed on A3 size paper in The Machine. At the end everyone will s ...


A Tunnel Just Like a Mirror Resonates

During this hang out we will go inward, breathe, visualize, release, and make appear words, sounds, images, and primal noises. We will become mediums for a message that will be performed through us. We will play around with visualization and breathin ...


The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles

Site-specific graphic installation activated by the artists (objects, tools and books belonging to the artists; wooden printing press; relief printing tools, inks and diverse materials; artists’ publication)The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles transforms the ex ...


Byens flash [City-dandruff]