Fotobook DUMMIES Day 傻瓜書日

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Artist-led initiative from Taiwan (TW)

Members live and work in Taipei

Fotobook DUMMIES Day, founded by Liu Chao-tze and Lin Junye, is an artist-led initiative diving into photobook and self-publishing since 2018, currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. It was first established as a curated photobook fair, gathering practitioners using images and publications as their main medium of work, with the intention of creating temporary spaces of dialogue between local photobook makers and readers. The 3rd Fair took place in Oct, 2022. We curated exhibitions, events and discourses experimenting with the concept of photobook and self-publishing.

Expanding further on the scope of the conversation, we began an extensive field research project in Southeast Asia in 2019. In May 2022, Tropical Reading: Photobook and Self-Publishing was co-published by Fotobook DUMMIES Day and pon ding. This project is still ongoing.

Fotobook DUMMIES Day wants to establish a platform wherever those conversations become possible.

Open Edit Event

Starting with a lecture performance talks about editing/ self-publishing, then followed by a discussion section about how to read photobooks led by invited guest hosts.Through circling, doodling, and making notes on the photobook copies, alongside ch ...

Bread and Butter Bookshop (2023)

Mixed mediaFotobook DUMMIES Day focuses on image, self-publishing, and locality, with a practice of connecting communities, facilitating dialogue, and using unconventional exhibition spaces.This time, we are going to open up the Galleri F15 Library, ...