Helen Eriksen

— UK / NO

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Born in Liverpool, United Kingdom

Lives and works in Oslo

Helen Eriksen is an artist, researcher and writer. She avidly observes how the public sphere affects the development of artistic practices. She often works in collaborative settings; a founding member of Tenthaus, Stitch Sisters (Mali Hauen, Samira Jamouchi and Monica Klunglland) who seek resonance in the world through crafting, Solmaz Collective (Zahra Bayati and Gry O. Ulrichsen), creating a space to think with and through stereotypes of race, and with the master sculptor himself, Germain Ngoma, with whom they strive to move away from the idea of signature as a form of practice. She is most at home during her performance lectures, sculpture-making, installation and photography. Eriksen is also an educator and consultant for several municipalities in Norway. Her fresh-off-the-press doctoral project is entitled: Being White in Pluralist Proximity: Concerning Postcolonial Art, Education and Research in Scandinavia.

Dream Seance and Automatic Drawings

In this strange event we will gather together to decipher the subconscious messages from our dreams. We will use The Drawing Machine, an analogue mechanism that will syntonize the collective fluctuations of energy of the attendants. The Drawing Machi ...


Super Secret Underground Collective Mixtape-Making

DJ Dorky invites you to join her in a collective mixtape-making workshop. Together we will make a collective mixtape on cassette and we will make our own covers using collage and The Machine printing press. At the end of the workshop each participant ...


Vinyl Print T-Shirt Workshop!

The workshop is for youth between the ages of 12 and 16. We will be using heat transfer vinyl and the participants will draw their own design. The designs are printed out via a plotter and then weeded before the garment is handled in a heat press.Par ...


Still-Life with Red Rabbit

Artist Kari Kolltveit will guide a drawing session of a still-life with a rabbit. The rabbit may or may not be connected to a high-profile assassination that took place on the 21st of August, 1940, in Mexico City. ...



The performance lecture is part of a practice in constant development, where artistic visions meet in both socio-political and spiritual contexts, originating new streams.Estuaries: The Waters as a Metaphor seeks to approach different socio-political ...


Inner Shadows

The workshop focuses on monotype printmaking and narrative. Using acrylic plates and ink, each participant will create a short narrative/story about their shadow. The results will be printed on A3 size paper in The Machine. At the end everyone will s ...


Curator presentation

Kabila will open a conversation about curatorial practice that centres the voice of the African continent. He will also describe his own developing practice. ...


A Tunnel Just Like a Mirror Resonates

During this hang out we will go inward, breathe, visualize, release, and make appear words, sounds, images, and primal noises. We will become mediums for a message that will be performed through us. We will play around with visualization and breathin ...


The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles

Site-specific graphic installation activated by the artists (objects, tools and books belonging to the artists; wooden printing press; relief printing tools, inks and diverse materials; artists’ publication)The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles transforms the ex ...


The Feral Business Training Camp

The Feral Business Training Camp is open to MOMENTUM 12 visitors and local practitioners alike. We invite applications from: artists, small business operators, artist-run and community initiatives, freelancers, collectives, creative administrators, a ...