Located in an underground vault in central Oslo, Hulias is an artist-run space that promotes spatially oriented contemporary art. Established in 2020, Hulias is committed to provide an arena for emerging and established artists to convey their practice, and to be a space to experience contemporary art.

Hulias is run by Mads John Thomseth (b.1987), Jørn Aagaard (b.1989), Øyvind Bast (b.1989) and Isak Wisløff (b.1989).

Homage AU PAIR

Homage AU PAIR is a video installation interacting with live performance and music. The performance installation premiere is at Galleri Hulias in Oslo 21.06.23 and will also be presented at Momentum on 04.07 and 05.07.2023.Contributors:De Utvalgte,Ma ...