Iris Korsnes

— NO

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Artist from Norway (NO)

Lives and works in Oslo

My artistic work is based on drawing, a border zone between abstraction and figuration, where I seek to transform the two-dimensional surface and materiality of drawing into three-dimensional sculptural forms to create interdisciplinary aesthetics. I prefer working with large format pieces, with projects produced as series with a common main theme. I am not interested in tight frameworks, but rather in letting the projects communicate and transform along the way. I explore social community, family structures, relationships and other interactions where unity is essential. Themes I am interested in are the human façade, such as the hidden versus the perceived, psychological patterns, social constructions and feminism. I hold a BA in Aesthetics, MA in Art History from the University of Oslo, and a BA in Medium- and Material-based art from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. I will begin a MFA at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Oslo in autumn 2023.

Vinyl Print T-Shirt Workshop!

The workshop is for youth between the ages of 12 and 16. We will be using heat transfer vinyl and the participants will draw their own design. The designs are printed out via a plotter and then weeded before the garment is handled in a heat press.Par ...


The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles

Site-specific graphic installation activated by the artists (objects, tools and books belonging to the artists; wooden printing press; relief printing tools, inks and diverse materials; artists’ publication)The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles transforms the ex ...