Laura Perrot

— FR

Laura is a French dance artist who graduated with a Masters from NSCD in England (2013-2017). Her professional career began as an apprentice at Ace Dance and Music in Birmingham (UK). In 2018, she worked with Irene K Company and Francesca Selva Company, before she joined the imPerfect Dancers Company, where she worked for three years with choreographer Walter Matteini, performing internationally. She now lives in Oslo as a freelancer, works with NSP2, Tilt Grow talent program as well as Frikar X and wants to combine different dance projects as much as create her own work. She is interested in sharing ideas that can reach non-dancers as well as dancers and make dance accessible to everyone.


Welcoming is both a performance and a participatory performance with various young audiences in Moss. The project investigates ways to enter unknown areas and constellations - and what that happens to us at the threshold of change. The work will focu ...