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Post.Design is a platform for challenging the place of visual culture and communication in society, addressing the ethics of design, the politics of image-making and the unknowns of the creative future. Through non-profit, openly critical and collaborative events, Post.Design offers a unique opportunity to explore, question and re-imagine the purpose of the graphic professions.

Since its inception in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016, Post.Design has evolved from a local, annual design festival to a semiannual travelling program with a distinctly transnational shape and scope. Over the span of two years (2022-23), the Post.Design/Tanglefestival visits Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, diving into the topic of Entanglement through talks and workshops by a range of creative thinkers and practitioners from all over the world.

Post.Design is co-run by graphic designer Peter Folkmar together with Siri Lee Lindskrog and Amanda-Li Kollberg, who run the type- and graphic design studio Formal Settings.