Sara Enger Larsen

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Sara Enger Larsen is a performer and choreographer with a bachelor's degree in jazz dance from the Oslo Academy of Arts (2016). She has an interdisciplinary practice and works on various projects in dance, musicals, theater and music. Among other things, she has starred in Metasexy, Postmodern Cool, Skaut, and in musicals such as West Side Story, Flashdance, and Moulin Rouge in 2023. She is also developing her own projects and had the premiere of "GOGOGO" at the NonStop International Theater Festival in September 2022. She has taken part in the talent program Frikar X and is now part of KreativLAB, a development program for choreographers, initiated by the CODA festival.


Welcoming is both a performance and a participatory performance with various young audiences in Moss. The project investigates ways to enter unknown areas and constellations - and what that happens to us at the threshold of change. The work will focu ...