So Yo Hen

— TW

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Born in Tainan, Taiwan (TW)

Lives and works in Tainan

So Yo-Hen’s work addresses the underrepresented in society through its culture and history and the possibilities of empowerment through whimsical elements. So focuses on the non-objective space between the subject and the object, examining how reality is constructed in people’s daily lives. Together with architect Tien Zong Yuan and art history researcher Liao Hsiu Hui, they form an informal filmmaking group, Your Bros., and take filmmaking as a method to re-interpret reality, endow it with an aesthetic form, and transform it into a medium of thinking.

The central piece of So’s exhibition for MOMENTUM 12 is Hua-shan-qiang, a video set in a miniature house designed for the dead, which follows a self-immolated man in the afterlife. Through the video, accompanying photographs and a mixed-media installation, we follow the man’s journey, which is built upon people’s imaginations of another world. Fire serves as a transmitter between the “real” world and the underworld and shows the confusion that underscores the realisation process.

Hua-shan-qiang (2013/2023)

Hua-shan-qiang (2013/2023)So Yo HenColor video with sound (21 mins 08 secs), Ink on paper, CyanotypeSo's works explore the construction of reality in everyday life by focusing on the space between subject and object. "Hua-shan-qiang" consists of a vi ...