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ss space space is an artist-led experimental space with specific research on notions of space. Collectively and critically, we explore diverse aspects of art by proposing questions and experiments and inviting multiple triggers for reflection.

Since 2020, the organisers of ss space space have formed their practice through a series of collective learning and socially engaged curations, including the online projects On Space and The Urgency of Contactlessness, a physical exhibition, producing space: divergence, convergence, dessert shop and an Artist Residency Programme hosted by Tenthaus . They have invited creatives from various backgrounds to participate and communicate, exploring concepts of space in a broad and insightful context. Challenging the understanding of existing techniques, technology, culture, and society in a fluid and dynamic way, ss space space endeavours to build bridges with institutions, art creatives, and the public to create critical discourses and encourage reflection.

Opening this June, ss space space's new project space, is located in Bali, New Taipei City. To support diversity and equal representation in the art community, they aim to hold both gallery- and curator-led exhibitions featuring contemporary artists from around the world. The project space will also include a reading area that will display artists' books, selected publications, and artist-made objects.

Sean Tseng and Sara Wu are the co-founders of ss space space.

SS Space Space

Continuing the prior research on space, the live programme producing space; clear, obscure, a collective originates from the observations ss space space made during their residency at Tenthaus. The event invites participants to engage in a series of ...