Valentina Martínez Mariscal

— MX / NO

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Born in Mexico City, Mexico (MX)

Lives and works in Oslo and Trondheim

Valentina Martinez is a dance artist, researcher, and consultant in artivism, relational esthetics and collaborative urbanism/placemaking. She has a doctorate in Anthropology, Information and Communication Science from the Sorbonne University in Paris. She has an interest in the kinesthetic experience, action-based research; and collective meeting spaces, movement and temporary tactical urbanism. She consults on projects both within placemaking, relational and somatic esthetics; and collaborative, context-based art projects. She is currently exploring methodologies of participation (medvirkning) and socially-engaged performativity in placemaking processes, namely within the field of dance and choreography. She is a member of Tenthaus and is currently the head of the art department at Galleri F 15.

Can I breathe in it? (Working title)

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Can I breathe in it? (Working title)

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