Wei-Ting Zeng/Tseng

— TW / NO

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Wei Ting Tseng/Zeng is a composer, cellist, and pianist. She has played as a cellist with Taipei Philharmonic, YinQi Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan Violist Chamber Orchestra and Island String Quartet. She began exploring contemporary jazz and improvised music in 2018, collaborating with Ayumi Tanaka as a duo in Ayumi&Wei, and with Kjetil Jerve and Tore Flatjord in the group Human Loop. In 2020, Wei Ting expanded her musical practice to visual and socially engaged art. Some of her exhibitions include Vi Sees at Podium and SeSiSå at Tenthaus. She focuses on immigration and insecurity in her work. Through recalling the childhood experiences of being (mis)heard, isolated and oppressed, she scrutinises the (post)traumatic effects passed down over generations and transforms them into a shelter of safety and liberation. Wei Ting recently released her composition As Silent as Bombs for solo cello at Oslo Negative and Store Gilhus Gård.


The Stray II

Project description: Andrea Parkins’ installation--combining multi-channel sound, drawing, and performance on film—addresses the performer’s moving body in relation to materiality, sound, site, space, and situation. For Momentum 12, she creates a wor ...