Gudkitchen-Tentskul Feast & Karaoke Party



Feast, dugnad cooking, party, karaoke

After the main opening of Momentum 12, Gudskul organize open house events for everyone to get to know the place they created with special treats from Gudkitchen-Tentskul and music and karaoke session, just as we do at Gudskul in Jakarta. ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

«Things Don’t Run We»

Ana Marques Engh , Bendik-Bendik Syversætre Johannessen Jasper Siverts

10.06 — 08.09.2023

Live installation / durational performance

«Things don’t run we» is the result of a residency in Tenthaus’ mobile studio “P1”, that was placed at Kirkeparken senior high school from April to May 2023. It is a collaboration with students from the art program at the school and takes shape as a ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Curator presentation

Kabila Stepháne



Kabila will open a conversation about curatorial practice that centres the voice of the African continent. He will also describe his own developing practice. ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Stitching Ecosystem Talk: Story from Jakarta to Moss



What is Gudskul? What do we do back in Jakarta and coming all the way to Moss? This session is where Gudskul members share their stories about collective as a school methodology, lumbung values, ins and outs, silly and sad testimonies, and various ta ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

To Give and To Expect Nothing in Return

Gudskul friends



The title of this activation model comes from an Indonesian classic children song about the endlessness of motherly love. In this project, Gudskul translated this “rewardless love” into a marketplace, where artists act as sellers and give away their ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

The Migrant Assembly

Gudskul The Migrant Assembly



The Migrant Assembly is a device for encounters that articulates people, projects, spaces and temporalities for opening up and making visible to the community the experiences and realities of migrants. Devised by the artistic duo Bobrikova & de Carme ...

Venue: Gudkitchen

Unconditional Design Workshop

Gudskul friends


Workshop with objects

Unconditional Design (@unconditionaldesign) is a continuous research project in Gudskul that archives the practice of many communities in Indonesia who assemble and shift the function of various readymade objects into new tools for daily needs. In th ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Å falle mellom to stoler by Jelsen Lee Innocent

Jelsen Lee Innocent Jessica Williams

24 — 25.06.2023


Artist and publisher Jessica Williams curates (be)longing, a six-part exhibition spanning over one year at House of Foundation in Moss from 05.11.2022 to 10.12.2023.(be)longing is collaborative, ever-evolving and experimental. (be)longing encourages ...

Venue: House of Foundation

LCCA (The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art) / Survival Kit

26 — 30.06.2023


Tenthaus has been main partner in the project “The Artist is Present. Contemporary art residencies in schools” together with Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) since November 2022. Seven Latvian artists have initiated residencies in schools a ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Homage AU PAIR

De Utvalgte Hulias

04 — 05.07.2023

Video installation with live performance and music

Homage AU PAIR is a video installation interacting with live performance and music. The performance installation premiere is at Galleri Hulias in Oslo 21.06.23 and will also be presented at Momentum on 04.07 and 05.07.2023.Contributors:De Utvalgte,Ma ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan as NAGAVER (Invited by our neighbour, Fotogalleriet)

Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan as NAGAVER


Performative, sonic art

“NAGAVER” a performative, sonic art project by Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan.Drawing inspiration from the mythical proto-Tamil Nagas, Tamil film and folk music. His first LP, “OBEY THE KING,” released by Frøya Records, represent the realities of nation-b ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

STRUKTURA.Time presents Isan Maher, Ørjan Amundsen, Gosha Babanski & Anatoly Belov

Isan Maher , Ørjan Amundsen Gosha


Video projection, talk

**Please note that the venue can accommodate a maximum of 25 people at a time, so there might be an anticipated waiting period.**—Gosha Babanski & Anatoly BelovPresentation of the book “Demon's Eyes”“Demon's Eyes” is a sci-fi queer graphic novel. In ...

Venue: Naturhuset


Younger than Beyonce (YTB)


Workshop, lunch, discussion

As artists, we are used to learning, and teaching, through the exploration of artistic materials. Join Younger Than Beyoncé (YTB) Gallery for a speculative workshop focused on creating the conditions for a dreamy arts pedagogy. Together we will enjoy ...

Venue: Galleri F 15


Deise Faria Nunes and Iya Luz, aka Tereza Duarte


Performance lecture

The performance lecture is part of a practice in constant development, where artistic visions meet in both socio-political and spiritual contexts, originating new streams.Estuaries: The Waters as a Metaphor seeks to approach different socio-political ...

Venue: TBC

Rock Concerts at Helleristninger in Østfold

Rachel Dagnall

14 — 18.09.2023

Performative sonic art, live performance events

The project is a series of Rock Concerts which are sonic scenographic performances, at locations where helleristninger are present in Østfold. The concerts are public events where audiences can be present at the helleristninger and stone circles or w ...

Venue: Various Places

Interactive presentation of Toolbox

Daniela Ramos Arias Aisel Wicab


Curators Daniela Ramos Arias and Aisel Wicab warmly welcome friends, colleagues and audiences to get a closer look on the project Toolbox. The first edition with the name A Toolbox on How to Create Communities in Times of Uncertainty, was first launc ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Mediation Strategies Lab

Daniela Ramos Arias Aisel Wicab


The Toolbox curatorial team invites to a series of dynamics that reunite performance, artistic strategies and collaborative work and open up a space for reflection on artistic mediation and the way it can be applied to different projects and social s ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Toolbox: the school of questions

Stacy Brafield


THE SCHOOL OF QUESTIONS WITH STACY BRAFIELDArtist stacy brafield introduces the audience to "the school of questions"."the school of questions" is a methodology created by artist stacy brafield that turns the notion of a school upside-down to focus o ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

Breaking bread and language / å bryte brød og språk by Makda Embaie

Makda Embaie Jessica Williams



Artist and publisher Jessica Williams curates (be)longing, a six-part exhibition spanning over one year at House of Foundation in Moss from 05.11.2022 to 10.12.2023.(be)longing is collaborative, ever-evolving and experimental. (be)longing encourages ...

Venue: House of Foundation

WET @ P1



Workshop with 7th graders from Kirkeparken VGS

During this workshop, participants got an introduction to hobo culture, realized two murals of their own freight monikers on both P1 container units, and shared a hobo lunch. ...

Venue: Galleri F 15

A Tunnel Just Like a Mirror Resonates

Viviana Cárdenas with The P.R.I.N.T. Chronicles

Writing and drawing hang out

During this hang out we will go inward, breathe, visualize, release, and make appear words, sounds, images, and primal noises. We will become mediums for a message that will be performed through us. We will play around with visualization and breathin ...

Venue: TBC

Can I breathe in it? (Working title)

Marte Huke Ann Cathrin Hertling

Participative Time Rituals in the summer

Huke & Hertling are inviting you to enter the landscape of the in-between. To venture out of linear time and immerse yourself into the vivid space of cyclic time. In this portal of time warping, can we in the here and now, together find a home that i ...

Venue: Outside in nature

Colors for hope and equality

Lise Bjørne Linnert assisted by Noe Rapela and Hege Døving + with the pupils in 4th and 6th grade, Møllergata school, Oslo


Colors for hope and equality is an ongoing long-term project (2019 – 2030), initiated and led by artist Lise Linnert. In collaboration with AKS, Møllergata school and Tenthaus, all students in 4the grade at the school are invited annually to a 3-week ...

Venue: TBC